•     Shandong paper studied three peak sic refractory plant(Shandong three peak wear-resisting material research institute)Belongs to the metallurgical department,Made from a mix of wear-resisting ceramics factory and sic refractory plant,Is designated by the stateSilicon carbide products、Silicon carbide board、Carborundum tubeWear resistant ceramic chip、Kiln materials manufacturers;Bachelor degree or above of the scientific research personnel20Many people。Passed the provincial certification in 87,And fill the gaps in the province。Over the years,Under the relevant scientific research units to assist,The reasonable production technology and advanced production technology,For the metallurgical industry、Chemical industry、Enamel、Electric porcelain、Ceramics for daily use、Building ceramics、Glass paper、The power plant、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Mining equipment and other industries,Provides a large number of stable quality of high quality energy saving products。  

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  • Brand advantage  Silicon carbide products industry well-known brands
    1、Focus on silicon carbide products30YearsThe development of production
    2、Set up the industry a good reputation
    3、Silicon carbide products in ChinaIndustry well-known brands
    High cost performance
    Has its own factoryProduction,Product process optimization design,Good quality
    Raw materials to control strictly,Seiko spy,The price is moderate
    Can be customized to sample,High production efficiency、Environmental protection requirements
    Manufacturing power
    1、30000Square metersManufacturing center,Advanced equipment,Optimization of production process,Fast delivery to customers。
    2、At the same time with high temperature gas shuttle kiln、Automatic mixer、Hydraulic molding machine、Drying furnace and other advanced production equipment,Provides for productionA strong guarantee
    High standards、High demand,Quality guaranteed
    Have sophisticated testing equipment and advanced quality control means
    Use themISO9001System management,Pay attention to process control,High standards、High demand,The finished products100%Careful inspection,Manufacture international quality products for our customers
    Research and development strength
    1、The team from the field of silicon carbide products30Years,For the research and development of silicon carbide products、Design、ManufacturingMatureTechnical experience。
    2、Within the company and industry research institutes long-term cooperation,For many enterprises at home and abroad to provide high quality and stable silicon carbide products。
    3、Companies pay attention to user practice and product research and development,According to the customer request production of special-shaped products。
    Perfect after-sales service,Easy to put you together
    Pre-sale service
    Expert design team for you to solve the silicon carbide products products and kiln materials before use consulting work,Help you save investment cost reduction
    Sale service
    You delivered to the task,By our professional management team according toISO9001The quality management system,To every detail
    After-sales service
    Skilled after-sales team,Rich experience;To solve the problems in the use of products in a timely manner。
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